We rely on community partners to teach us leadership, train talent for our kitchen, open our eyes to the inequity in our community, and empower us to help.

Our Community Partners

Just Bakery

Just Bakery is a 16-week educational and vocational training program for individuals experiencing significant barriers to employment who have an interest in baking or culinary arts as a career. At the beginning of 2018, Just Bakery and Short Stack partnered to open The Storefront for Success, the nonprofit’s first retail bakery. Our staff provides practice interviews and ongoing professional development training for each new cohort of students, and we often hire graduates of the program.

Justified Anger

The Justified Anger Coalition, part of the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, started in 2014 with a plan of action to address Madison’s “long-standing and harmful racial disparities in social and economic outcomes.” Part of that plan includes a Black History course that Short Stack managers take to ensure we continue learning about the history of racial inequity in America. We also celebrate Nehemiah and Justified Anger as our Organization of the Month once a year, and we partner together to host racial equity events in Madison.

Black Woman Heal

Black Woman Heal brings together women from throughout the African diaspora to create safe spaces for them to heal from present and past sexual trauma. As part of our partnership with Black Woman Heal, Short Stack has hosted ‘Black Woman Heal Day,’ held various fundraising events, and we honor them as our Organization of the Month once a year.

Our Memberships

We are members of numerous groups in our community in order to show our support and gain valuable insight around issues that are important to us. Some of our favorite groups to belong to are:


  1. Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County
  2. Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Alternative Transportation/Biking:

  1. League of American Bicyclists (Short Stack was recognized as a ‘SILVER’ Bike-Friendly Biz)
  2. Bicycle Benefits
  3. Wisconsin Bike Fed

Local Purchasing:

  1. Dane Buy Local
  2. REAP Food Group


  1. Sustain Dane Sustainable Business Network (we’re also a 2015 graduate of Sustain Dane’s MPower Program)

Our food partners

We’re thrilled to support the following Wisconsin farmers and small-batch suppliers. Buying local supports our sustainability goals, and makes our food taste pretty damn good.

  1. Winterfell Acres
  2. Neighborhood Food Solutions
  3. Vitruvian Farms

View our Local Partners

Shout out to the worms of Earth Stew Compost Services in Lodi, Wisconsin, for digesting more than 30,000 pounds to date of organic SSE waste (coffee grounds, tea, fruit and vegetables) since we opened! We’d love to compost our meat, oil and egg products, but until Madison funds a city composting program, it’s just not feasible.