Better Together: celebrating love in all its forms

First off, love is love. February 14th and all that is associated with traditions of Valentine’s Day seems to mostly honor people in monogamous (usually heterosexual) relationships, leaving those with other forms of love and/or lovers ignored and unrecognized. This is why each year we have pushed our Better Together campaign during this week. To honor every single person, identity, and what love looks like to them. Without all the love that exists between and among us, we wouldn’t be […]

Introducing Root Partners for 2020

Community-minded breakfast has always been our vision at Short Stack. But when we opened our doors we didn’t know exactly what that would look like. Over the last few years, the creation of our Organization of the Month (OTM) program has reflected what a community-minded business can look like. Since its inception in 2016, we have donated a percentage of our monthly sales to 24 local nonprofits (some more than once!), hosted events and created dialogue in and around our […]

examining our impact: community work, inclusion & what the people have to say

As we reflect on 2019, we have been examining what we got our hands dirty with this year (hint: a lot more than just pancake batter). We have been thinking about where we put our attention, our efforts, our visibility, and our brainpower, within our doors and beyond. We are grateful for the recognition we have received for our efforts but we know that the work we have done is just a piece of a very big puzzle. The more […]

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Vote in Wisconsin Spring Primary on 2/18!

Election year is upon us and the 2020 Wisconsin Spring Primary is coming up fast! Make your vote count on Tuesday February 18th. You have until Friday February 14th to register at your municipal clerk’s office. More information at the link below: WISCONSIN VOTER INFORMATION

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