McDonalds Fucked Us

Across the country, the restaurant industry has been scrutinized by consumers for its most recent price increases. In restaurants, food, labor and occupancy costs have always held the majority of operational costs, combining to be approximately 70 cents of every dollar during normal times. Yet since the pandemic began, increases in rent, wholesale food costs, wage increases, and broken supply chains have caused operational costs to skyrocket nationwide. This New York Times interactive article gives consumers an illuminating visual explanation […]

Open Monday July 3 from 8am-1pm

Join us for brunch on Monday July 3! We’ll be open 8AM-1PM   Want to Pre-Order pies, quiche, or cocktail kits for your holiday weekend plans? Check out our Pre-Order Menu and order today.  

DCFC Wellness Weeks April 2-13

The Dane County Food Collective (DCFC) is proud to announce its upcoming event series, Wellness Weeks, a fundraiser and discussion series aimed at promoting Health & Wellness efforts in the food industry. The event will take place from April 2nd-13th and will feature various activities to encourage discussions and raise funds to support DCFC’s ongoing efforts. If you want to make a direct donation today, please head to DCFC’s PayPal here. In its first year, DCFC has made significant strides […]

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