Dane County Food Collective: how to get involved

If you aren’t familiar with Dane County Food Collective (DCFC) yet, let this be your introduction: “Dane County Food Collective is an organization of individual food industry owners and operators working together to create a stronger food system in Dane County. United by this mission, the collective addresses systemic issues through Advocacy, Resource Sharing and Collective Action. The organization acts on these issues through five working committees: Advocacy, Buying Cooperative, Communication, Insurance Pool, and Health & Wellness.” The pandemic has […]

Join us for Vegan Week Oct 6th-9th

Join us for our first ever VEGAN WEEK October 6th-9th. Featuring custom SSE-flavored Level 5 Donuts, special-order vegan Bloody Mary kits & mix, vegan blind special all week & a donut giveaway you don’t want to miss. PRE-ORDER VEGAN GOODIES HERE Whether you’re dipping your toes in veganism or simply enjoy the pleasures of plant-based food, join us for this fun week. If you aren’t yet familiar, our Vegan Hack Menu is a great place to start.

Join Urban Triage’s Co-Conspirator Workgroup

Sign up for Urban Triage’s next Co-Conspirator Workgroup to learn how we (white people) can dismantle the systems of oppression in our country by first starting with ourselves. ~~~ “The course work is heavy. I am not going to lie, it is a lot of work. However, Urban Triage has set it up so you are supported every step of the way. I am constantly being exposed to new content (books, videos, articles, etc) that challenges me to dive deeper into […]

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Root Partners: Feed the Revolution + News

We need YOU! Our Root Partner Gift Card Fund needs donations! To help us #FeedTheRevolution simply follow these steps: (1) Purchase a gift card online at this link (2) When purchasing, choose “I’d like to email it as a gift” Fill in the following details— • Name: Root Partner Donation • Email: • Choose ‘Immediately’ Voilà! We’ll add these donations to our Root Partner Fund and continue feeding the folks that are doing work in our community. Want to […]