Getting Here

Bike, bus, walk or drive. We’re located on Johnson Street in the heart of the isthmus. We don’t have to tell you that parking in Madison sucks, so plan ahead with this map of nearby parking lots, bike routes (and racks) & bus stops.

We seriously love bikers. We’re a Bicycle Friendly Business, as well as members of Bicycle Benefits and the WI Bike Fed (10% off your meal!). We have bike pumps in the restaurant, and sometimes we even offer free tune-ups! We’re not solid on the math, but we’re pretty sure you burn off half a Bloody for every mile you bike.

You asked, we answer:

What comes with the potatoes?
That white & orange stuff? It’s Frank’s RedHot sauce (best in the world) and sour cream and it’s quite literally the best combination on planet earth. Trust us on this one.

What’s the deal with the Blind Special?
We like risk-takers! Take your taste buds on an adventure and order the Blind Special. You can ask whether it’s sweet or savory. Nothing else. (If you follow us on Snapchat, you’ll see tasty teasers.) Take the plunge for $7, or ask what’s in it and pay $11.
Picky eater or too many allergies to count? This one’s not for you.

Where’s the kids’ menu?
We don’t technically have a children’s menu, but we do have a few smaller items that kids dig. Try the small trio or a short stack.


A Short (Stack) History

People ask us all the time — did you always dream of owning a restaurant?


We saw a problem and created a solution. Downtown Madison didn’t have a spot for simple, fresh and local breakfast, any time, day or night. Madison also lacked restaurants (and businesses) that were committed to fighting racial injustice and working towards a healthy community for all.

From 2010 to 2014, we developed our business plan. We took jobs in big chain restaurants and local cafes to build our skills in management and local sourcing. We lined up vendors, dreamed up specials like The Blind, and asked ourselves how we could use our buying power for good.

We’re rule breakers. And the restaurant industry is full of rules. Most of them are outdated and dumb and involve a lot of awkward waiting around and guesswork.

We decided to do things a little differently. We designed a restaurant that empowers customers to take control of their dining experience. You don’t need to wait for a server to bring your ketchup, or a refill of coffee, or your check.

Oh yeah, another rule we ignored? The one that says you have to have a million bucks to make an impact in your community.

We support the community that supports us. If we want to be a thriving business, we have to live in a thriving city that works for all of its residents.

That’s why we built sustainability and community impact into our business from the beginning. You can learn more about our sustainability initiatives, and why our employees volunteer outside of work to advance them, on our Sustainability page.