As we reflect on 2019, we have been examining what we got our hands dirty with this year (hint: a lot more than just pancake batter). We have been thinking about where we put our attention, our efforts, our visibility, and our brainpower, within our doors and beyond. We are grateful for the recognition we have received for our efforts but we know that the work we have done is just a piece of a very big puzzle. The more […]

Short Stack is excited to announce that the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is our September OTM! Lisa Peyton-Caire, Founder and President, answered some of our questions about the Foundation and how allies can help this movement.    Tell me a little bit about the history and mission of your organization   The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is not merely an organization, but a movement! We are committed to supporting and mobilizing Black women to improve their health and […]

August 1, 2019  Returning as our Organization of the Month this August is Just Bakery! Just Bakery is a local Madison organization doing amazing work to help our community. Carmella Glenn, the coordinator of the Just Bakery program, answered some of our questions about the impact of Just Bakery and specifically why they work to help people in their re-entry from the criminal justice system.    What does Just Bakery provide for the Madison community ?  Just Bakery is a vehicle […]

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July 1, 2019 We are so excited to announce that the Progress Center for Black Women is Short Stack’s Organization of the Month for July! The Progress Center for Black Women is a hub of community, connections, valued experiences and opportunities for Black women to transform their lives and families. W sat down with Sabrina Madison, the founder of the Progress Center, to talk about the mission and work of the Progress Center and ask for some advice for allies and volunteers […]

Thursday, May 30th, 2019 A few months ago, we opened a can of worms. We brought attention to the fact that the restaurant industry is not currently set up to benefit all restaurant workers. At Short Stack, we have taken steps to move towards a structure that is more fair and equitable to our employees. For example, we don’t pay our Front of House employees a typical servers wage (2.33/hour + tips). Our starting wage for every employee is above […]

Tell me about the mission and vision of Wheels for Winners.   Wheels has been in the Madison community for 27 years as an organization to get bikes into the community and to get people on those bikes. Over the years, we have become increasingly mindful of our obligation to the community and our role within it. Providing bikes to people is important, but only if the people earning the bikes think it important. We have been making an effort […]

Back in February, Madison voted in the Wisconsin Spring Primary election. Now it’s time to seal the deal with the Spring Election! There’s a lot of confusing information around voting, so we’ve compiled this list of resources to help you ensure your voice is heard! Here’s what will be on the ballot for those of us living in Downtown Madison: Justice of the Supreme Court Court of Appeals Judge District 4 Dane County Circuit Court Judge Branch 16 Madison Mayor […]

By now, it seems that most people have gotten the memo that recycling is a small, seemingly simple waste-reducing favor we can do for our Earth. Unfortunately, there are misunderstandings and difficulties abound in the world of recycling. The best of intentions can be futile if you don’t adhere to under-publicized requirements of recycling. We compiled some helpful information for you to reference to help you recycle as effectively as possible! Each city handles recycling a little bit differently, so […]

Today isn’t just any old Tuesday… It’s the SPRING PRIMARY! We’re all about civic engagement here at Short Stack, and we want to encourage everyone to get out there and exercise your right to vote. Now, primaries tend to not get as much buzz or turn out as other elections. Your voice matters NOW — don’t wait to show up and make your voice heard, you have a great opportunity to do so this Tuesday. Here’s what will be on […]

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