If you aren’t familiar with Dane County Food Collective (DCFC) yet, let this be your introduction:

“Dane County Food Collective is an organization of individual food industry owners and operators working together to create a stronger food system in Dane County. United by this mission, the collective addresses systemic issues through Advocacy, Resource Sharing and Collective Action. The organization acts on these issues through five working committees: Advocacy, Buying Cooperative, Communication, Insurance Pool, and Health & Wellness.”

The pandemic has brought with it a variety of new challenges to the food industry and since its inception this collective has done its best to support the local food system and the humans within it. Membership is geared toward anyone working in and around food systems in Dane County, with a specific focus on Food System Owners and Operators.

As a member of DCFC, our team at Short Stack has benefited greatly from the Industry Fitness & Wellness classes offered in September and October. In addition to fitness and wellness, these classes have given us an opportunity to connect with other local restaurant employees, further strengthening community ties and this collective as a whole.

Dane County Food Collective is looking for support & funding!
This grassroots collective is in need of community support and funding to flourish and grow.

How to get involved:
-If you have the capacity to give financially, please consider donating to the Collective’s PayPal. If you want to support local food businesses and help build a more resilient and thriving food community in Madison, this is a great initiative to get behind.
-If you are in the food and/or restaurant industry and want to get involved, consider attending a DCFC meeting. Monthly meetings are at The Madison Club, the first Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9:00pm.
Follow @danecountyfoodcollective on Instagram to stay up-to-date
-Spread the word about DCFC by sharing on social media and within your circles
-Want more information or want to be added to the email list? Contact Noah Bloedorn noahb@reapfoodgroup.org