We are very excited for the upcoming month at Short Stack Eatery! This excitement stems primarily from our support of the Madison Chapter of Project HEAL as our Organization of the Month for March. One percent of March proceeds will go directly to this incredible new student organization on campus.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! On Wednesday, March 29th, ringleader and founder of UW-Madison’s Project HEAL Hillary Dadio-Perrone (a Short Stack Eatery team member) is partnering with Kyira Hauer of the Reclaim Beauty project for an event you do not want to miss! A RAAD Night is an evening of discussion and awareness around eating and body image disorders. 


So what is Project HEAL?

Project HEAL at UW is a chapter of the national organization that raises awareness and provides financial assistance for eating disorder recovery. Project HEAL focuses on three basic concepts that support their mission, these being eating disorder recovery, body positivity, and empowerment. Project HEAL strives to help people feel like they are not the only ones fighting their kind of battle.

How does the Madison chapter of Project HEAL fit in?

The UW-Madison chapter of Project HEAL is brand new as of fall 2016, so in many ways they are still getting their feet off the ground. They have held several successful coloring nights where people are invited to color, de-stress, and engage in the sometimes challenging but important conversations about eating disorders and body image. Because Project HEAL is still relatively new to UW, they are still working to grow their membership base and get the word out about their mission.


Who can be a part of Project HEAL?

Project HEAL at UW is open to any student dealing with and anyone who knows someone dealing with an eating disorder. The main initiative is to be able to educate and talk about eating disorders and eradicate the taboo and stigma associated with them.


How can I get involved with Project HEAL?

As Project HEAL is still gaining momentum, simply passing on the information of Project HEAL is a great first step to participation. If you are a student, you can join the organization! Find out more about membership by emailing Hillary at madison.wi@theprojectheal.org. Lastly, you don’t have to be a student to  attend upcoming events such as the Inner Fire yoga fundraiser on March 7th as well as A RAAD Night on March 29th at Short Stack! 


How does my own life and experience fit in to Project HEAL?

Even if you don’t personally know someone with an eating disorder, knowledge and education proves to only be a positive thing. At some point in life, every person encounters the hard work required for maintaining body positivity, self-care, and self-esteem, and Project HEAL promotes all of those important aspects of being human.


What should I know about the upcoming event, A RAAD Night?

ProjectHEAL-Madison Chapter is partnering with Kinda Kreative and founder of the #reclaimbeauty project to bring you a RAAD evening of self-appreciation and stigma-stopping conversation. The night will feature our Not Photoshopped gallery and reception followed by some ‘food for thought’ conversation about relationships with food, the media, and self-care.

Enjoy cocktails and complimentary appetizers as we discuss the pillars of RAADReach out, Approach, Accept, and Describe in a small group settings. Be part of the movement that will break down the stigma and barriers in communication that exist around eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem.

What’s next for Project HEAL here in Madison?

While Hillary is a soon-to-be graduate, she has great visions for the future of the organization, both within the UW community and Dane county. It is her hope that student interest grows and that they are able to make ties within the Madison community, opening up the conversation further. She also hopes to establish more finite programming throughout the school year, in addition to the coloring nights that have already been established. Lastly, she wants to make resources more readily available to people by providing hard copies or ‘toolkits’ of community resources for anyone who may need them.