We know you feel it—the pressure to DO SOMETHING and MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE—now more than ever. But it can be more than a little overwhelming to try to figure out 1) what causes you care most about and 2) where your dollars will make the greatest possible impact.


For the month of February, we are certain we’ve found our personal answer to those tough questions. One percent of our February sales will go directly to Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW)—just in time for their BIG SHARE on Tuesday March 7th!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Campaign Coordinator Victoria Boucher and Communications and Marketing Director Emily Winecke to get the inside scoop about what Community Shares provides for the Wisconsin community.


So what is Community Shares exactly?

Community Shares of Wisconsin is a coalition of non-profits that exist to find innovative solutions to advance social and environmental change in a sustainable way. Think of it as a one-stop shop where you can donate to 65 handpicked nonprofits in Wisconsin. If you want your donations to go to specific CSW members, you can do that too.


How do nonprofits become CSW members?

Great question! Community Shares does not restrict the number of members it has. Members are a combination of service providers (i.e. the Rape Crisis Center) and advocacy groups working towards a common goal of social justice and equity. Members must have an office in Wisconsin, but can be part of national organizations as well.



How does CSW get funded?

CSW receives donations through various fundraising campaigns. These include the Big Share as well as individual donations and private workplace campaigns. Workplace campaigns contribute significantly to the total funds given to CSW. Learn more about workplace campaigns here.


“Community Shares” sounds familiar. Have I heard this name before?

If you’ve gotten groceries at the Willy Street Co-Op or Capital Centre Market, you have probably been asked if you wanted to “CHIP” or “Round-Up” for Community Shares. At the Co-Op, this means adding 1% of your total purchase amount to be donated directly to CSW. While this would be just 30 cents for a $30 purchase, these amounts truly add up! Last year the CHIP program raised almost $240,000! At Cap Centre, this means rounding up to the next dollar, with that round-up amount going to CSW. Last year this program raised over $34,000.


What is the Big Share?

The Big Share is an online day of giving hosted by Community Shares of Wisconsin for nearly 70 local nonprofits dedicated to building an equitable, just community and protecting our environment. The Big Share is a fun, easy and flexible way to donate to and to learn more about organizations that help our community. In two years, The Big Share has raised over $500,000 from thousands of individual donors. Whether it’s making a donation, or sharing your support for social and environmental justice, The Big Share gives everyone the chance to build an equitable, sustainable community where all of our neighbors can thrive. Now more than ever, we believe The Big Share is an essential tool for making your voice heard.



The Big Share is Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m. Mark your calendars for an incredible day of generosity, partnership, and community building. Visit www.thebigshare.org and check out #cswbigshare for more information.


Feeling inspired? Check out just some of the recent results of CSW to learn more about the incredible impact of CSW campaigns. Then hop on board with the Big Share on March 7th, tell everyone you know, and share this awesome video on your social media outlets!