First off, love is love. February 14th and all that is associated with traditions of Valentine’s Day seems to mostly honor people in monogamous (usually heterosexual) relationships, leaving those with other forms of love and/or lovers ignored and unrecognized. This is why each year we have pushed our Better Together campaign during this week. To honor every single person, identity, and what love looks like to them. Without all the love that exists between and among us, we wouldn’t be the community that we are today.

Whether you are polyamorous, nurturing self-love, blessed with loving friendships, or asexual, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are bi, pansexual, or exploring, we celebrate you. Whether you or your love are trans, genderfluid, cis, or anywhere in between, our doors are open for you. It is our goal that we continue to create a safe space for you to celebrate love in your eyes and experience, with any and all of those you love in your life.

Each year we see this week as an opportunity to engage dialogue around the barriers we face in expressing the love that makes us human, in turn recognizing the ability to love that connects us all. As we celebrate this week, we also recognize how challenging it can be to watch the world celebrate love when you are going through a difficult time. Maybe you are facing the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship (romantic or platonic), struggling to love yourself, or feeling isolated from the experience of love altogether. We are here for you, too.

Wherever you’re at and whoever you are, we welcome you to join us this week for Better Together. Come on down with your friends, family, lovers, or on your own, and simply bask in the passionate love of breakfast food we all relate to. Like eggs and toast, pancakes and pure Wisconsin maple syrup, or Frank’s and sour cream, we are truly #bettertogether. So #bringyourbaetobrunch because we’ve got stickers, t-shirts, social media contests, and our beloved all-day breakfast Wednesday to Sunday–we’ll see you there. Love is love. That’s all, folks.