We are honored to be supporting Lilada’s Livingroom for the month of September at SSE. If you haven’t heard of Lilada’s Livingroom and/or want to know more, READ ON! We recently had the privilege of interviewing Lilada Gee (Executive Director & Founder of Lilada’s Livingroom) to find out more about the important work she is doing in Madison and beyond. Lilada also taught us a thing or two about Facebook live when she visited us at the Stack last week!


I asked Lilada how Lilada’s Livingroom reflects community values and goals, to which Lilada had the following to say:
“With Madison and Dane County being found to be the worst city for Black people in the nation, I question what our community truly values when it comes to its Black citizens.”

Lilada is spot on with this statement, making the work she is doing all the more important. Madison does not ensure that all livelihoods are equal for all people. Being Black in Madison does not look the same as being white in Madison. Madison is a city of stark contrast and Lilada’s Livingroom sheds light on these issues in a very real and profound way. 

So what does Lilada’s Livingroom do?
Lilada’s Livingroom creates a safe place to heal for survivors of sexual abuse.

What should the greater community and the world to know about #BlackWomanHeal?
The community should know that there is a deep need for healing of Black women and girls that has been overlooked, causing the elongation of pain. Culturally affirming safe space is needed to help them move forward in their healing process.

What is something Lilada’s Livingroom does that few people know about?
Lilada’s Livingroom works with Black girls to reduce the incidence of suicide which is at an alarming all time high.

What programs with Lilada’s Livingroom need more awareness?
Suicide reduction, which is greatly tired to girls who have also been sexually abused and unhealed.

How can someone get involved if they only have a little bit of time?
You can join the quarterly Lilada’s Livingroom giving circle meeting which offers a unique opportunity to have authentic cross-cultural conversations. You can also get updates on the work of Lilada’s Livingroom including other ways to get involved.

If someone has a little more time and wants to become more engaged with the work Lilada’s Livingroom is doing, what are some areas they can help with?
Lilada’s Livingroom needs help with marketing, social media, website development, graphic designs, videography.

What do short and long term goals look like for the organization in future years?
Building momentum for a healing movement for that will reverberate from Madison throughout the African Diaspora.

What is the greatest need of Lilada’s Livingroom right now?
Financial support to continue and expand our healing work.

Describe the vision behind #BlackWomanHeal and how it has grown since it began.
The vision is to spark a healing movement to inspire women and girls to heal from present day and historic sexual trauma. As the veils of secrecy are removed, it creates a pathway for healing. It has grown from a local work to an international movement. This has never be done!