Community-minded breakfast has always been our vision at Short Stack. But when we opened our doors we didn’t know exactly what that would look like. Over the last few years, the creation of our Organization of the Month (OTM) program has reflected what a community-minded business can look like. Since its inception in 2016, we have donated a percentage of our monthly sales to 24 local nonprofits (some more than once!), hosted events and created dialogue in and around our community. Our OTM program has grown, evolved, and taught us far beyond what we could have imagined. Thanks to time, experience, and the guidance of our community partners, we have realized what works, what doesn’t, and what our community is asking of us. Because of this, we reshaped and renamed our program in 2020.

With our Root Partners program, we funding and focus on four incredible organizations. Each of the four organizations receive a percentage of our sales each month. Choosing just four organizations allows us to deepen our partnerships and focus our attention more vividly. Donation dollars dispersed throughout the year is strategic for the ongoing support of the work these nonprofits do year-round.

Because there are so many nonprofits doing important work in our community, the decision was difficult. But we ultimately chose our organizations based on the following:

  • grassroots
  • funded and led by women of color / people of color
  • Madison based/located
  • organizations that are fighting root causes
  • dynamic/strategic organizations that are going to continue to grow capacity
  • organizations we already have strong partnerships with that will continue to grow

We are very excited to our announce our ROOT PARTNERS:

If you haven’t heard of some of these organizations, we encourage you to check them out and support them in whatever way you can. We are really looking forward to our new structure as we navigate this new decade. Working alongside our Root Partners will be a powerful opportunity for continued growth, learning and collaboration that will lead us to a stronger and more sustainable Madison community.

Want to help us #FeedTheRevolution? Donate a gift card to our Root Partners Gift Card Fund today.