To put it mildly, this past year has been hard. But for Black lives in this country, it has been even harder. This past year follows a 400 year history of oppression, racism and injustice in our country. As we approach the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, we mark how significant it is while also recognizing that this kind of brutality is nothing new. In the words of community leader and Urban Triage founder Brandi Grayson, “if we, and those standing with us, do not promote, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize in our own defense, then no official entity ever will.”

This is why our team at Short Stack has participated in Justified Anger’s African American History Course for several years. This is why we are choosing to learn and unlearn our country’s history. This is why we tell everyone we know to sign-up for this course. This is why we support Black-led organizations such as our Root Partners. To learn more about some of the incredible nonprofits that are fighting racial injustice in Madison every day, click any of the links below and read on.

Nehemiah / Justified Anger

Just Dane / Just Bakery

Progress Center for Black Women

Urban Triage

In 2020 we started our Root Partner Gift Card Fund to #FeedTheRevolution – a simple way you can help feed our community leaders while they feed the needs of our community. To purchase a gift card for one of our Root Partners, CLICK THIS LINK.

There are so many ways to get involved with Black-led initiatives in Madison. Below is a short list of how you can educate yourself, put in the work, and join the movement towards racial justice in Dane County today:

-Sign-up for Urban Triage’s Co Conspirator’s Workgroup *
*Deadline to sign-up for the June Workgroup is 5/28!

-Commit to signing up for the Fall ‘21 cohort of Justified Anger’s African American History Course

-Volunteer your time and/or money with nonprofits with Black leadership (hint: The Progress Center for Black Women and any of our other Root Partners are a great place to start!)

-Join us for a dynamic “JustConversation” on Wednesday 5/26 hosted by Carmella Glenn of Just Bakery