At Short Stack, we’re serious about sustainability. For us, sustainability is a multi-faceted approach to operations, values, and our existence in the local restaurant industry. Over the years, we’ve reduced our environmental impact, increased local and sustainable products and purveyors, grown community connections, and critically examined every aspect of our business. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability HERE, and check out the Sustainable Purchasing Guide we created to help us with our choices.

We are so fortunate to have countless incredible local partners, producers, and farmers that help make our food so delicious.

We recently introduced a new egg partner that we’re stoked about. As we serve tens of thousands of eggs annually, choosing where we source our eggs has a BIG impact. Put simply, OrgaNick Pastures is leading the way with humane egg production. With a goal to be the most colorful, humane egg producing company in the Midwest, we are proud to support their mission. Their chickens are happy and healthy, and produce delicious eggs that we then throw into our scrambles, trios, and breakfast sammies for you to enjoy.

This is a friendly PSA to remind you to buy local, support local farms and farmers, and reap the benefits of fresh community-made food.