Voting is SO important! It’s the best way we have to make a our voices heard and make a difference. However, it can be difficult to do. Knowing everything you need to have prepared ahead of time, what’s on the ballot, and all the other details of voting can be daunting and confusing. Short Stack believes in democracy and believes in your right to vote, so we’ve compiled resources to help you with the process! From now until November 6th, we will constantly be updating this post with new information and resources that we find. has tons of specific information for Wisconsin voters. You can check your registration status, see who/what is on the ballot, register to vote (and get info on how to register to vote). 

Wisconsin currently has very strict voter ID laws. In order to vote in Wisconsin, there are specific identifications that you must have with you. provides information about those identifications and how to get them.

Voting as a student at the UW, MATC, or other nearby college can be particularly confusing — especially if you are from out of state. Check out this website (published by the UW, so it is UW specific) for information about voting as student!

Will you be out of town on voting day? Do you currently reside in a different state than you have established residency? Are you a student? You can vote absentee or early! Check out this absentee and early voting information to learn more.

Getting to the polls can be difficult, but there are many organizations and services that are willing to help. is a service that provides rides for those that need them — and you can even sign up to be a driver! Many of the services will become available closer to November 6. We will keep this post updated with any new services that we see!

A great way to learn about current political and social issues is It is geared towards seeing where you fall in terms of the potential 2020 presidential candidates, but has lots of information to help educate you on various issues.