Have you heard?? Nehemiah celebrated their 25 YEAR anniversary this month! That’s 25 years of empowering the black community in Madison. Read more about this incredible accomplishment HERE.

For this reason (and many more) we are so proud to be supporting Nehemiah as our local Organization of the Month (OTM) in November. This deserving OTM will receive percentage of our November sales–which means simply by eating Short Stack in November you are supporting this incredible organization. Reverend Alex Gee recently stopped in for some breakfast at SSE. Check out this Facebook Live video here where he invites the community to dine with him at Short Stack on Wednesday Nov 29th at 11:00am.

What is Nehemiah’s mission?
Nehemiah engages the greater Madison community to empower African American individuals, families, and communities to bring about hope, transformation, and justice.

What areas does Nehemiah focus on?

Youth Education and Leadership: From elementary to high school, Nehemiah has several programs that tackle race equity issues in Madison’s youth. With these programs Nehemiah has helped students improve their attendance and performance in schools and beyond

Reentry Services: This programming focuses on African American men that leave jail or prison and re-enter Dane County are at high risk of homelessness and the stark reality of recidivism. Through advocacy, mentorship, housing and employment opportunities, Nehemiah has helped hundreds of men through the reentry process.

Family and Community Wellness: According to their website, “the Chaplain’s work involves developing indigenous leaders, serving as a liaison with human service agencies, and connecting those in need with resources and planning.”

Economic Development: This area involves so many things including affordable housing and living wage jobs, loan development and supporting businesses run by African Americans.

Leadership and Capacity Development: Transforming the face of leadership through several intensive programs and internship opportunities throughout the year.

What is the Race to Equity Report and why is it significant?
Released in 2013, this report proved what many already knew to be true–African Americans are disproportionately underserved in every realm of life in Dane County. From high school graduation rates and health outcomes to incarceration rates and unemployment, African Americans are systematically and historically disadvantaged. It has been stated that both Madison and Wisconsin as a whole have some of the worst racial disparities in the nation and that it is simultaneously the best place to raise a family (if you’re white) and the worst place to live (if you’re black).

But years before this report was released, Nehemiah was working to address these issues in the Madison community. This report shed light on the severity of the injustices still present in Dane County, and ignited further momentum for programs and movements to address these issues.

What is Justified Anger (JA) Coalition?
The Justified Anger Coalition was created in 2013 and Our Madison Plan was released in 2015, both addressing the fact that Wisconsin routinely ranks as the worst state for social, economic, educational and health disparities among African American children and families. JA works for systemic solutions and mobilized allies to reduce racial disparities in greater Madison.

Justified Anger offers an incredible 10 week African American History Course for non-black people to learn the history they likely didn’t learn growing up in school.

The JA blog continually has relevant content. For example, check out this incredible article about how to be a white ally on Thanksgiving.

So how can I get involved with Nehemiah or Justified Anger?

Donate directly to the cause!

Volunteer in one of the many focus areas

-Get involved with Justified Anger and stay up to date with events and happenings with Nehemiah and Justified Anger