Hosted by Short Stack Eatery This event WILL sell out! We invite you to join us for our first Giving Circle of the year! For the past 30 years, Lilada Gee has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering girls in the Madison community and beyond. We are excited to share the 2019 vision and direction of our work to Defend Black Girlhood. We invite you to join us to learn how you can partner with this healing and inspirational […]

By now, it seems that most people have gotten the memo that recycling is a small, seemingly simple waste-reducing favor we can do for our Earth. Unfortunately, there are misunderstandings and difficulties abound in the world of recycling. The best of intentions can be futile if you don’t adhere to under-publicized requirements of recycling. We compiled some helpful information for you to reference to help you recycle as effectively as possible! Each city handles recycling a little bit differently, so […]

Today isn’t just any old Tuesday… It’s the SPRING PRIMARY! We’re all about civic engagement here at Short Stack, and we want to encourage everyone to get out there and exercise your right to vote. Now, primaries tend to not get as much buzz or turn out as other elections. Your voice matters NOW — don’t wait to show up and make your voice heard, you have a great opportunity to do so this Tuesday. Here’s what will be on […]

The youth of today are our leaders tomorrow. At Short Stack, we firmly believe that it is absolutely critical to empower youth with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to be a force for good in their world. That’s why we love GSAFE so much — they do just that for LGBTQA+ youth in Wisconsin. Andrea, our Director of Sustainability, had the opportunity to chat with Brain J. from GSAFE about their mission and impact on the greater Wisconsin school […]

For the third year in a row, we are so proud to support, partner with, and learn from Sustain Dane. We’re amazed by their huge amount and array of programming and stand by their community-first approach to sustainability. I got to catch up with Jessie Lerner of Sustain Dane to learn the ins and outs of what Sustain Dane has going on right now — read below to find out! Tell me about the history and mission of Sustain Dane? […]

Crazy Al here. I am an owner of Short Stack. Couldn’t sit this conversation out. So here are my thoughts on this fine Saturday morning. Exactly what we wanted to happen is happening. People are talking about this. People are pissed, confused, and simply tired of the pay inequity bullshit that exists in our country. But nonetheless, people are talking. This is step one of lots and lots of steps towards action. I welcome the online (or in person-hit me […]

Working in the restaurant industry often means working long hours, smiling through sometimes negative customer encounters, and providing excellent service in hopes that customers decide to tip appropriately or even generously. Many servers in traditional restaurants make as low as $2.33 per hour from their employer — and the rest is expected to be made up in tips. Serving is far from an easy job, and compensation is dependent on customers who might not be aware of just how crucial […]

Some battles that are fought on a daily basis go unseen and unheard by nearly anyone, only experienced by the person fighting them. They can be lonely, scary, dark. Help can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to reach out for. Mental health is an important facet of overall health, and mental illnesses should be treated just like a physical illness — with compassion, patience, love, and competence. NAMI – Dane County works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, which […]

Planned Parenthood has been a force for good for over 100 years. If you haven’t taken advantage of their services, someone else in your life has. We specifically admire their intentional and purposeful service for individuals who may otherwise not have safe or affordable access to vital healthcare. I got to chat with Katrina Morrison, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s Public Affairs Coordinator to find out more about what our local branch does and how we can all get involved! What […]